Monday, January 26, 2015

How to Save Money on Modest Clothing!

     Hello Dear Friends!

     I do hope your having a good New Year! I'm really enjoying mine!

     Today I'm here with a How to Save Money on Modest Clothing post…trust me the struggle is real! Most modest clothing sites are expensive…at least for our family's modest budget, but there are some ways to get cute modest clothing cheaper =) YAY…!

1.  Shop at Thrift Stores/Consignment Shops-
     This is one of the best ways! These types of stores are getting new things all the time, but they're also selling things fast. If you see something you like pick it up! It might not be there when you go back. Also, don't expect to find something your looking for when you go…it's a hit and miss! If you "hit" you can usually get a great deal! Actually a couple weeks ago my Mom and I found the best consignment shop (sadly, it's a couple hours away)! They only sell skirts, dresses, and modest tops in the ladies section! To top it off they were having a $1 sale! Some of the nicer dresses were $4!! WOOT WOOT! We had fun!

2. Look at "Normal" Stores-
     You can find modest clothing at stores like: Walmart, Target, JCPenny, Forever21(Winter mostly), TJMaxx, Marshalls, ROSS, etc.. I've gotten great stuff at these places! I really would recommend looking =)  I just got a great deal on long-sleeved ($5.90) and 3/4 sleeved t-shirts ($7.90)  at Forever21 a couple weeks back. They had a high neck line (hit my collar bone...Wahooo!)! My Mom just found me a 3/4 one at Walmart on Saturday for $5.00 on clearance too!

3. Check Modest Clothing Sites for Giveaways, Promotions, and Sales-
     Sometimes you can get a pretty good deal, certain sites naturally have better sales than others!
Kosher Casual: ( offers great sales! I've been eyeing their clothing for a couple months, they always have stuff on sale for a good price! They also have giveaways frequently!   
Dainty Jewell's: ( They also do giveaways on their Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I don't think their clearance is very great…still pretty pricey, pricey... Sigh!
     What are your favorite Modest sites? I'm always on the lookout =)

4. Make Your Own Clothes!!-
     Okay, I'm super excited because a couple weeks ago I sewed on a machine for the first time by myself!! My Nana made me an old fashioned nightgown using a pattern of a simple prairie dress, and she let me sew the front and back pieces of the dress body, the sleeve and bottom hem! It was so much fun! Anyway, by making our own we probably spent about $25 on our fabric (BTW keep your eyes out, Jo-Ann Fabrics was having a great sale on Flannel), pattern ($6), etc…Of course with the pattern you can use that over and over! A normal old fashioned and modest nightgown is expensive! The norm I've seen is $40+...that's not even customized!! Sewing can save so so much money, plus it's more fun picking out the pattern and fabric yourself! A sewing machine can be an investment at first, but it's totally worth it! Totally my new hobby!

     I hope you've enjoyed this post! Sometime this week I wanna do an outfit post or two. My Nana just introduced me to vests! She was so sweet and gave me tons of them! I've made some cute outfits so I hope to share them with y'all soon! What are your tips for getting modest clothing cheaper?

-Hannah <3

*I am not affiliated or sponsored by any of the above websites.

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