Saturday, September 27, 2014

Welcome to Lovely Treasures!

Hello everyone... I'm Hannah!
   I am so so so excited to be doing this! I hope you'll enjoy this little blog as much as I am enjoying working on it! I will be adding to the blog and hopefully making it look very lovely in the next couple weeks…. So if you see some changes that's why.. These types of things are works in progress for sure!

 Random Facts About Me: 

  • Jesus loves me <3
  • I'm a Freshman in Highschool.. On that note I'm a Homeschooler! Yes, we are allowed to socialize... I get asked that kind of thing A LOT. 
  • I absolutely LOVE dancing.. I am currently taking Classical Ballet (which is my favorite type of dance) and Tap :) 
  • I love Frappes (mainly Caramel and Peppermint Mocha ones).. They are awesome sauce. 
  • I am learning Spanish currently…
  • I HATE ants… When I get to Heaven I am surely gonna ask Jesus what He was doing when He made them…I haven't found anything they're helpful with.. and they're gross! 
  • Someday I hope to be a Wife and Stay at Home Mommy.. What a great joy it would be!
  • There are a lot of things I'm trying to push past right now… A lot of hurt… A lot of fear… Etc.. 
  • I have been born and raised in Church.. Like legit y'all. 
  • I pretty much only wear skirts and dresses.. I feel more feminine when I wear them which I loooovee! 
  • My favorite all time scripture is Matthew 5:8 <3
  •  My Mom and I were thinking of names a couple nights ago for this blog, and I'm pretty sure she came up with the Treasures part… I had already decided I wanted the word Lovely in it.. It's my favorite word. So that's how we got the name!
  • I love using different fonts… Like a lot.. Haha! 
                                         I'm done with that for now =)

 What Kind Of Things Will I Be Posting?

  • Outfit Ideas
  • Monthly Favorites
  • Beauty
  • Random Thoughts
  • Inspirational Stuff
  • Photography (mostly nature) 
  • ETC…
    I would love to hear what y'all would like to see posted! Just leave a comment below with your suggestions!

I think that is all for this post! Goodbye for now!


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  2. Hannah I think this is a LOVELY idea. I'll sure be checking to see what's new!